Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Begin Building Your Personal Brand

I met and began a conversation with a man who is a consultant.  This conversation led to a discussion on social media and personal branding.  As we talked, the gentleman said that he did not see a need for social media, and was not sure if he understood personal branding.  After explaining to him that social media was extremely important for creating a personal brand for himself, he told me that I needed to convince him of that.  He didn’t realize what he was in for, as convincing skeptics of the need for using social media to build your brand is a challenge I love to take on.

I asked him for his name.  He told me without hesitation.  He watched as I began typing on my laptop.  I then turned the laptop toward him.  He looked a little confused, and asked what he was looking at.  I told him, 'I just Googled your name and this is what came up.'

What we saw were two different men, who shared his name, both of them were in orange jumpsuits (and I assure you the jumpsuits were not a fashion trend).  One man had been charged with murder.  The other had been arrested on stolen vehicle charges.  My new acquaintance was not found anywhere on the page.  He chuckled, and I began explaining to him how this could put his reputation in jeopardy. After listening to what I had to say, he admitted that he was now convinced that building your personal brand does matter.

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